PGG is a company that produces springs and wire artifacts for the automotive, appliance and electronics industries.

Originated at the ABC Region in Greater São Paulo, PGG is constantly aiming at evolving production and improving its processes and products offered since 1988.

With springs and the automotive industry as a commercial starting point, it was in 2003 the company began producing wires for electronics in general, becoming leader in the production of stove trivets in 2013.


• To constantly build and evaluate processes to consolidate and (re)apply acquired experience;

• To amplify and diversify markets and product lines;

• To be acknowledged and legitimated in all fields of work, present and/or future;

• Having a partnership environment with our customers, suppliers, employees and others applicable interested parties;

• Empower our employees;

• Seek continuous improvement of our Quality Management System.


To be a reference in the world production of wires and isolated cables with the best production processes, through the advanced technology, skilled labor and relationships of trust in every relationship poles between PGG, customers, suppliers and applicable interested parties.


• Respect;

• Professionalism;

• Commitment;

• Personal Growing;

• Conduct Code.


Attend the needs of our customers through:

• Continuous improvement of Quality Management System (QMS);

• Training of our employees;

• Improvement of production and information technology;

• Partnership with qualified suppliers;

• Compliance with other applicable interested parties.



Our robots sector is composed by last generation's CNC bending machines, all controlled by microcomputers.

Capable of handling different types of wire, the robots guarantee high performance and absolute precision in the configuration of wire artifacts, whether producing steel structural parts or the most delicate components for electronics.


PGG owns a structure specifically for superficial treatment, dedicated exclusively to ENAMELING and product finish for the white line.

Our partners' network also allows the addition of several types of finish and superficial treatment for metals (Zinc, Chrome, Epoxy, Phosphate, Catophoretic, etc), always in accordance to the ISO/TS and the NBR ISSO 9001:2008 standards.


The welding line is prepared to attend varied industries, relying on machines and processes developed internally for each type of product.

With presses of up to 200 tons, the impressions' sector performs activities such as folds, notches, snippets, holes, etc, in materials of up to 14 mm diameter.